Sheldegren Pet Resort & Salon
Sheldegren Pet Resort & Salon


                         Open every day of the week to accomodate your busy schedule.                                        Walk-in nail trims welcome!

All Breed Dog & Cat Grooming

 Here at the Salon @ Sheldegren, we pamper your pet with all the best products.  Our Shampoos and Conditioners are all natural and leave a pleasant smell on your pet.  We strive to keep the time that your pet is here at a minimum- 2-4 hours is the average stay. This allows the groomer to bathe, brush and style your pet to your liking.  We require a $20 deposit for all new clients wishing to make a reservation for grooming

Senior Citizens (60+) get 15% off grooming on Wednesday & Thursday

$10 Nail Grinding/cutting service! (no appt necessary)

Our competitors charge over $15 for this same service! 

If you pet has fleas, they will be treated with a Capstar pill ($5) to protect the other pets in the room. Thank you.

Shampoo & Conditioner

Here at the Salon, we use only all natural products from Davis and Laube.  All are products are soap free. We also carry speciality shampoos.



Triclosan shampoo- Eliminates "doggie odor"

Sulfur & Tar- Flaky itchy skin relief

Clarifying - cuts through dull build-up

Chlorhexidine - Combat bacteria & Micro-organisms.


Our professional groomers have years of training & experience which makes your pet look fabulous!  Prices for Full groom start @$60.00  All Standard grooms include bath, ears, nails, brushing, and cut.

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Prices vary according to coat condition and length left on. Dematting and temperment charges additional 

Short hair breeds such as Boxers and Pit Bulls will be Kennel bath prices plus nail trim. See boarding for details. 



Cat Grooming

All cats coming in for grooming get brushed and clipped according to the owners directions.  We also bathe cats and blow dry them.  We do not use tranquilizers.  If you cat needs to be sedated please call your vet for assistance.

Cat grooming prices

$30 for a bath

$40 for Sanitary

$55 For shaving belly & Sanitary

$65 For all body shave/lion cut


Pickup and Delivery Service Available 

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