Sheldegren Pet Resort & Salon
Sheldegren Pet Resort & Salon

Dog Boarding

Indoor outdoor kennels

All the dogs here at Sheldegren get plenty of human interaction with our staff during there stay.   We make sure that they get 3-4 supervised group (we place your dog in a group according to their personality, size, energy levels and personal likes - Due to issues with animals that are not altered, we do not take them out in group play unless they are under 8 months of age) playtimes a day.  If your dog only loves people, they can go out just with a staff member. Everyone one of our kennels has a raised bed for your dogs comfort.  Fully climate controlled facilty. Some kennels have covered outdoor patios which they have access to from 7am to 7pm.  Indoor play yard available at an additional fee.   We charge by the weight of the dog not by the size of the kennel. We will place your pet in an appropriate size kennel based upon size and weight of dog- therefore we cannot honor special requests for special kennels.

Our Small Dog Room

Our Large Dog Play Yard

Boarding Rates (per night)


0-30 lbs                 $20.00

31-70 lbs               $23.00

 71 & up                $25.00

All dogs go out 4 times a day including in the above mentioned price.  If you wish have more activities for your dog while staying here, then check out our extra activies section. All pets having long hair will be required to have a comb out if staying more than 5 days (comb out will be at owners expense and done in between time stayed) All pets staying more than 5 days will be required to have an exit bath at owners expense. If pet becomes dirty during their stay we will do a bath even if staying less than 5 days. 


Discounts Available:

Cash Discount- Pay in cash get $2 off per dog per night!

Two dogs sharing a kennel - $2 off boarding

Three dogs sharing a kennel -$ 3 off 3rd dog


We require a $30 non-refundable deposit for all major holidays. This must be paid when the reservation is made.


All dogs require current vaccines -

Rabies, Distemper,  Parvo, Canine Influenza H3N8 & H3N2 (can be waived if not participating in daycare)  and Bordetella


We do not accept aggressive pets or pets with ticks.


Extra Activities

If you want your dog to get extra pampering you can sign up for any one of our activities

Daily Walk $5.00 20 min. of walking on leash around our 2 acre grassy yard .

Daycare while boarding $9.00 daycare -playing with daycare dogs all day. 

Romp & Rassle $5.00 20 min. of playtime with your pets favorite toy.

Brush & Hug  $3.00 Relaxing brushing-not intended to replace maintenance combing on long hair breeds 

Snack & Snuggle $3.00 Frosty Paws or Pig Ear Treat with staff member

Splish Splash $5.00 We fill the pool and let your dog play in the water


Walk around our 2 acre facility
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