Sheldegren Pet Resort & Salon
Sheldegren Pet Resort & Salon

                                         Cat Boarding

All our kitties have their own private condo to relax in.  Each condo has a raised shelf to sleep on as well as a recessed litter pan and access to water at all times.  All cats get frequent human interaction throughout the day with our staff.  If you wish to do extra activities, we have lots of additional services to keep you cat entertained while staying with us.  We feed our cats according to your instruction.  Each cat gets individual free roam time to relax by our large picture window or enjoy our kitty toys.  The cat room is far away from the sounds of our dogs with music playing in the background. 

Cats $15 per night per cat


Cash - get $1 off per night per cat

2nd cat $1 off,  3rd cat $2 off


Vaccines Required:  Rabies and FVRCP. New Kittens need negative Felv.

Relaxing on the shelf
Playtime for our kitties!


Extra Activities

Brush & Hug $3.00 Staff combs & Brushes your pet while sitting on sofa

Mock Mouse Hunt $3.00 Your cat gets one on one time with staff playing with favorite cat toy


                         Birds & Pocket Pet Boarding

Birds & Other Pets           $ 10.00 per night per cage

We board birds!
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